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A Week Before Christmas

So what’s up LJ Friends?

Nothing too wild and crazy here.  I’m enjoying school being done for the semester, the snow, and working on getting into the Christmas spirit.  Thursday's snow left us with about a 3/4 inch or so of very powdery white stuff.  It also more than doubled my drive time home.  While unpleasant, it beats the alternative of having crashed the car or being stuck at work for the night.  The various weather people are waffling about the storm that may or may not get on Tuesday will actually hit the area or skip on by. 

The house… well, the house is kind of a mess still.  There are a number of factors that contribute to that state, namely the fact that the sun sets before either of us get home, and when we do get home the girls demand a lot of attention.  Nevertheless, we’ve got a deadline for getting it all done.  Friday I worked in the basement.  Not a high traffic area, I grant you, but it was prep work for what I did yesterday, which was to tackle the library.  Today I'll be working on a variety of projects, including vacuuming the house.  Oh what an exciting life!

I don’t write about comics too much, but I do still visit Brainstorm just about every time we get to Frederick.  My pull is a little sparse with Knights of the Dinner Table, PVP, Echo, and PS238.  Ever since Crossgen went out of business back in 2003, nothing out there has really grabbed my attention.  I was briefly excited in 2005 when Disney bought Crossgen, but nothing really came out of it… until today!  It seems that with the Disney/Marvel team up Marvel has been given access to the Crossgen properties, and they’re relaunching Sigil and Ruse!  I don’t know how long they’ll last, but it would be great if they managed to wrap up the overarching storyline that Crossgen was working toward.

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