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It's tough being a puppy

The clubs tracking trial was two weekends ago. There wasn’t a whole lot for me to do, I didn’t even get an official name badge. So I decided I’d make my own.

I'd post a picture of it, but I think I threw it out. What it said was this:

Coffee Maker
Puppy Wrangler

That’s right! I was the official Coffee Maker and Puppy Wrangler for the ODTC Tracking Trial. The hardest part of being the coffee maker was first thing in the morning when everyone wanted both coffee and breakfast, and the power draw from the coffee maker and the griddle was just a little too much for the generator to handle, blowing the fuse. This delayed both the coffee and the breakfast, making no one happy. The rest of the time it was a breeze.

Puppy wrangling was a similarly easy job. Mostly I would just get Alice out from the car, and there would be half a dozen people who would all volunteer to hold her. The only time this became any sort of issue was then Alice wanted to get down to play with another dog. Generally we’ve been encouraging this behavior much more with Alice then we did with Lucy. We’re also exposing her to as many people as we can while she is still young.

Lucy at Alice’s age got to go lots of places, but we didn’t do a whole lot of interaction while we were out with her. Now it could be that it is more nature then nurture, and that Alice simply is sweeter dog then Lucy, and more inclined to be friendly to everyone. However I want to foster that trait as much as possible. Because of that after the trial on Saturday (which was to the far north east of the state) we headed home to clean up, and then drove to Frederick for the First Saturday events.

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that Alice probably interacted with 500 people directly between the tracking trial and Frederick. Many simply pet her, while some gave her treats, and other held her. Even more then that smiled at her, many while saying “awww”.

An unexpected benefit was that all of the people who generally would have done that to Lucy (who would hate it) did it to Alice, which left Lucy either ignored or being pet by someone she found acceptable. It also made Lucy a little jealous; this made her more inclined to being pet by people she generally would feel were unworthy.

What happens when your average guy gets to run an interplanetary empire? And to think I wanted to try that game...

Ok, I still want to try that game!
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