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Dear Mother Nature,

Snow? Seriously? It is April you know, and this is Maryland, not Minnesota. Ok, so it was just flurries, but I did have to scrape the ice off my windshield this morning. You aren't helping your case any in regards to global warming when you do this.

I actually turned the heat back on last night.

No Love,

Dear Alice,

You are very cute, and I'm very happy you're in my life.


Dear Bank of America,

Please speed up your web site. The dog club has a lot of money in your account, and I'm just trying to see which of these checks got cashed.


Dear Wizards of the Coast,

I understand that internet piracy is an issue. Ending legal downloads of prior edition pdf's does nothing to address that issue, except cause anyone who wants something that is out of print to be forced to either pirate it, or buy a hard copy on the secondary market. Either way, you lost out on a sale.

You're ranking right up there with Games Workshop in terms of shooting yourself in the foot.

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